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The Richly & Associates Architects & Surveyors Group has many years of experience in the service industry. Its various consultants provide clients with various consultancy services including building construction, interior design, project management, real estate development, etc. In recent years, they have been committed to the development of building maintenance and repair and upgrading of fire facilities, water supply, E&M installation and improvement works.

In recent years, worsening violations of unauthorized structures and dilapidated buildings everywhere, it has been the extent of serious concern for the public.

In view of this; BD rigorously enforce mandatory repair old buildings, building owners to carry out commands violation investigation and prosecution and maintenance work to breach, but also to order the owners to view each building is properly maintained and not allowed to change the building structure in order to achieve the purpose of comprehensive protection of public health and security.

We believe that only by improving building maintenance to recognized standards and clear violation of illegal structures in order to solve each problem to avoid accidents.

After years of experience, we have provided the above-mentioned professional services in coordination with the Government Building Safety Policy. It has coordinated the rectification works so that each project can be properly implemented to successfully complete the building repair and improvement works for the owners.

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